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What the F*$k is WFS?

OwnersBox is carving out its own segment in the Fantasy Sports market.




Live Draft

Frequent Cash Prizes

New Opportunities Daily

Engaging Social Interaction

Live Dashboards

Ranking & Rewards System

Leaderboards & Standings

Live Stats with Push Notifications

In-Progress Strategy

Short Term Gratification

No Duplicate lineups

Long Term Commitment

Integrity Issues

Game-Changing Features

OwnersBox has reinvented Fantasy Sports, packed with features.

Weekly Contests

Exciting head-to-head contests each week mean you never get bored. You can start a new 7 day contest daily!

Social Gameplay

Add friends and create groups to form fun rivalries and play together. Have fun and earn bragging rights at the same time!

Bracket & Payouts

Payouts happen more often and are easier to get. We want more players winning money. Not just the top 5%!


Your one-stop-shop for all active contests! Your real-time dashboard keeps you updated so you know what contests need attention.

Live Notifications

See what players are earning you points with our global feed system and receive alerts to make sure your lineup is always in great shape!

Live Drafts

No duplicate lineups means every matchup is interesting and exciting. Use strategy and sports knowledge to get the upper hand!

Game Opportunities

Our unique control mechanism ensures an even playing field for every matchup! No more unbalanced games available each week!


Our in-game virtual currency can be used to enter contests or convert to real-money! Earn OwnersBucks a number of ways such as referring friends or branding your teams!

Ranking System

Rank up and get rewarded! Translate OwnersBucks to real-money faster based on your rank!

Words From Friends

We’ve got some sports fans testing it...lets just say they like what they see. Don’t take our word for it, see below.


Follow along as we build

From build to launch, we are excited to share our journey with you!